The Difference  /  WHY RESET WORKS

The Reset Self Cleanse is strategically designed to produce long term results.

Reset Self is different. It is not a fast or a binge diet solution. This is about resetting your system. In order to do this, you must purge your body of toxins. Toxins keep you holding on to unnecessary added weight and feelings of unhappiness. Reset Self is the only cleanse using anti-toxin tonics. Our herbal formulas draw the toxins out of your system, doing a lot of the work for you.

Reset Self encourages eating three meals a day. Fasting, meal replacement shakes and starvation diets are temporary, band-aid solutions that do not deliver long-term results. Eating nutrient dense food regulates the metabolism, refines the palate, and breaks emotional food addictions.

Reset Self specializes in personalized attention to ensure maximum success. During your cleanse, you have unlimited email support and also receive two live, personal calls. We deliver the best in customer service and expertise, keeping you on track, motivated and fully supported.


The Reset Self Cleanse was truly the best experience I have ever had, it completely changed my life. I lost 13 lbs. and continue to lose weight.

The Reset Self Cleanse was truly the best experience I have ever had. It completely changed my life. I had twin boys and could never lose the baby weight. I completed the cleanse, lost 13 pounds and continue to lose weight. It was easier than I thought. The foods that I used to love no longer appeal to me. In fact, when on occasion I do have them, I feel sick. My body literally RESET itself. It has also been an incredible emotional, mental, spiritual and physical journey for me. I am in the best place in my life in all of those aspects. I have never felt better! I cannot wait to do the cleanse again. Thank you Nykki for introducing me to this lifetime opportunity, I am forever grateful!

Summer Edwards